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Straight Edge.
North Dakota.
Lost Cause.


#Blistered / 6131 Records Showcase / #sxsw. Florida Boys reunited. (at The Liberty)

Culture - Oath

I will sacrifice for the good of the whole
Oppressed and undressed by oligarchic control
So heckle me through my revolution
It’s the only thing keeping you alive
I put the air you’ve stolen back into your lungs
And the water you blacken back into your blood
We are born to a world of beauty and color
Why must you gouge out your eyes
Just to feel around in the comfortable dark
Know nothingness of convenience
I can’t hold it completely against you
You’ve been conditioned by tradition as so many before
So here I am again cleaning up your mess
Here we are again picking up your tab

Everything turns a threatening shade of grey
But this is where we’ll stand

Vegan Straight-Edge
Terms that seem stupid to you

But these are terms that separate me from the destruction
You refuse to, attempt to, undo

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See that guy doing the flip into the crowd while playing guitar? He’s a friend of mine and is now a professor of economics. Circa 1994.

#snapcase “progression through unlearning” #tape #victoryrecords #hc #hardcore #punk (at Hard Press Headquarters Lynwood California)

Another classic in our hearts.
Line up: Go Big Or Go Home Style
The Smiths

Victory’s roster back when they had more bands worth listening to.
Trial - Are These Our Lives?




Let’s all enjoy this video of a news reporter trying to do a report on Power Trip in the middle of the pit.

This is real?

I literally just watched this with Riley, he said there’s an interview too, can’t wait.

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The Process Of
Film: Kodak Elite Chrome EB100.
E to C crossing